11 Linet P3

Linet was born on 11/4/04 and she is an orphan girl in P3 Linet is looking for a new sponsor.

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  • As of today I signed up to sponsor Linet, sponsor a child is such a great way of doing your bit and helping these children get the education and start in life they deserve, I look forward to hear of her success and progression through the school and hope to see her progression to Primary 1.

    Karl Anthony Burrows

  • Fantastic post. I really could not have described it better. Continue the nice work.

  • annmcc

    Thankyou – we still have many children waiting to be sponsored so they can have a free school place. Can you help? Its just £3.50 per month or £42 for a full year. You can email me or download an application from the website. Ann

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