56 Jordan P1

Heidi Northbrooke is sponsoring Jordan. He was born on 23/6/05 and is in P2 Class

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  • Heidi

    Hi we would like to help sponsor jordon .Thank you

  • Heidi Norhtbrooke

    please can we help jordon and sponser him asap.can u confirm u got the email

  • annmcc

    Hello Heidi, Jordan would love you to sponsor him – please download the application form on the website and email it back to me ann@ugandalodge.com – or if you send me your email address I will send one as an attachment. Our bank details are on the form. I am now transfering Jordan into “waiting for payment” category thus saving him for you and will transfer to “Sponsored” on receipt of payment. Thankyou so much Ann

  • annmcc

    Hi Heidi, have you been able to access the bank details and aplication fxorms for Jordan yet as we are still waiting for you to begin sponsoring him. Thankyou Ann

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