1194 Abel Akanyihayo

1194 Abel Mid 7506 Abel was born on 11/11/12 and is in Middle Class. He is hoping to be sponsored by Julie Kennedy.

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  • julie elizabeth kennedy

    I would like to sponsor Abel, where is the link to ensure my money goes to the sponsorship of him and how do I sign up?

    It doesn’t appear obvious on this site how to specify where donations are going. I would also like to send a letter each month to his class and maybe some learning materials in the form of English language for his class and/or any other children of his age group and level to the lodge too.

    Please let me know if his teacher or volunteers can teach my lesson plans, I can provide pictures, song recordings where necessary and games. I know that computer access is limited on site, therefore everything can easily be performed on a blackboard. if you would like me to draw or print and send paper copies of resources etc I can do that too or other wise i can email to Ann or someone at the lodge in Uganda. If you can give me a contact email. Wishing you all a pleasant day, much love Julie. A former volunteer, now English language teacher.

  • annmcc

    Hi Julie
    Thankyou for offering to sponsor Abel – I am sending you an email plus an attached application form in answer to your questions. Best Regards
    Ann McCarthy ann@ugandalodge.com

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