1198 Kerry Atwihireyo

Kerry was born 28/8/12 and only stayed at our school a short time 1198 Kerry Mid 7509

2 comments to 1198 Kerry Atwihireyo

  • Rachel Foster

    Hi i am interested in helping to sponser Kerry. How do i know all the money goes to her and will i get regular updates.

    How old is she and how can my money help her?

  • annmcc

    Hello Rachel, We did email you and saved Kerry for you to sponsor but then towards the end of term he suddenly left. We think he went to live with his grandmother for a while and was too far away to attend our school. Would you like to sponsor a different one, although as we have said, all payments go into the school fund and are equally shared between all the children. Thank you for your anticipated support Ann McCarthy

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