129 Linet P4

Enshaba LINET is a girl born on 06/04/04.  She is in P4 and now being sponsored by Jan Head.

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  • Vikki

    I hope Linet is doing well! I’m happy to sponsor her, and once my business takes off I will add some more children to my Ugandan family. It’s such a worthwhile cause, please everyone ask your friends to get involved. So little cash can change someone’s life so much!

  • annmcc

    Linet is fine – I am out in Ugnda now – hence my slow reply. Many Thanks

  • Jan Head

    I am pleased to have been able to take over this young lady’s sponsorship. When you have time could you please confirm which is her given name and which is her family name. I am guessing now she’s Enshaba?
    All the best. No need to rush to reply.

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