From Ruhanga Development School

Faith is a Girl and was born on 15/02/07 She is being sponsored by Kirsty Heathorn

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  • Hermione Dawson

    Hi Ann, how’re you? Emma and I have been reading about the terrible accident, we both remember Witness fondly and we were very sorry to hear the news. I really wanted to sponsor Faith, and although I realise the money is shared between all the kids, I’d like to sponsor her specifically, so if her sponsor doesn’t start paying is there some way I could?

  • annmcc

    Hello Hermione, Faith is already having a free place in our school and her fees are being paid by an earlier volunteer. However I have chosen another dear little girl in the same class for you – please see 287_Prossy. Let me know if you will be able to begin sponsoring her -Thankyou Ann

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