174_Macklean Nyakato

174 Macklean P5

Macklean is a girl born on 26/9/03 and she is in P6 Class

She is now sponsored by Sheena Brown.

4 comments to 174_Macklean Nyakato

  • Sheena Brown

    Hello, I would like to sponsor Macklean, regards Sheena

  • annmcc

    Hello Sheena
    Thankyou for offering to sponsor Macklean & help with her school fees. I have sent you an email with an application form attached – if you haven’t received it please check your junkmail, Osbert is now saved for you. Ann

  • Sheena Brown


    First payment will be coming out tomorrow. Am looking forward to future communications about the Project and the children..

    kind regards


  • annmcc

    Thankyou – you will receive your certificate shortly. I have changed the website plus my database Ann

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