184 Mercyline P6

Macyline was born on 11/7/01 and after finishing P7 Class, she has completed her education at Primary School.

2 comments to 184_Macyline

  • Jan Head

    As a retired teacher without a large pot to dip into this seems a splendid and affordable opportunity to make a small but hopefully worthwhile contribution to the continuation of Macyline’s education for a year. How do I go ahead plese?

  • annmcc

    Thankyou very much for your comment and offering to continue her education. I have just returned from Uganda and found out that Macyline has completed her P7 education at our school. However we have many other children anxiously waiting for support so it would be lovely if you can choose a different child. I will send you an email with an application form and look forward to hearing back from you again Ann

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