200_Rhonas Ampire

200 Rhonas P3

Rhonas is a Girl and was born on 23/08/03 and is in P4 Class. She is now sponsored by  Hanna Salazar

2 comments to 200_Rhonas Ampire

  • Hanna Salazar Velez

    Dear Ann,

    I transfer £120 today into Uganda Lodge’s account.
    £60 to sponsor Rhonas’s education and another £60 to sponsor another year of Maulicious’s education (I pay for her a year ago ).

    God bless you,

    Hanna Salazar Velez


  • annmcc

    Apologies for slow reply – my colleague Jan who does sponsorship admin went on holiday just as I got back from Uganda. We received both payments & am updating my database and website Many Thanks Ann

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