242_Praise Kanyesigye

242 Praise P2

Praise Kanyesigye is a girl born on 22/6/06 and she is in P3 class. She is sponsored by Elaine and Keith Cope.

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  • Lia deprez

    Please I would like to sponsor this child I will set up standing order through my bank account.

  • annmcc

    Hi Lia
    Sorry for delay in replying – internet slow out here in Uganda I am saving 242 Praise for you – please email me application form to ann@annmccarthy.co.uk – you can download it off website and fill in online is OK. Please add childs number as a reference and let me know what date STO should be starting Many Thanks
    Ann McCarthy

  • annmcc

    Hello Lia, We would be delighted for you to sponsor one of our children . I have already been promised the payment of fees for Praise but there are many other children waiting to have a free school place. I am sending an email with application form attached or you can download one from our website. Can I suggest you sponsor 248_Shinah who is also in B aby Class and is just 3 years old? I will save her for you for a few days.
    The new school term begins shortly and I hope to find sponsors for them all by then. I do hope you can help. Thankyou Ann

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