286 _Albert Nimusiima

286 Albert P4
From Ruhanga Development School

Albert is a boy who is in P4 Class and his birthday in 31/12/04.
He is being sponsored by Claire Jones on behalf of her son Jamie.

4 comments to 286 _Albert Nimusiima

  • Claire

    Hello, I would like to sponser Albert please if that is possible.

  • annmcc

    Hi Claire
    No-one has started to pay schoolfees for Albert so I will save hime for a few days for you – please let me know if you are paying monthly or for a full yaer (£42) and add childs name and number as a reference. Thankyou for your support Ann

  • Claire


    Direct debit is now set up, it will be paid monthly from tomorrow, so sorry for the confussion.

  • annmcc

    Thankyou for sponsoring Albert – your payment has come through to our account OK

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