351_Promise Ninsiima

351 Promise P2

Promise was born 24th March 2006. She is in P3 Class She is sponsored by Rachael Chericoni.

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  • Jo Griffiths

    I would like to sponsor this little girl. I have a daughter aged 6 and I would like her to begin to understand that not all children have the same opportunities and that everyone should try and help others.

  • annmcc

    Hi Jo Thankyou for offering to sponsor Promise; I have sent you an application form with details of our bank account and look forward to hearing back from you Ann

  • Hello Ann

    I hope you have got all the details now that you need for my daughter and I to sponsor Promise (351). Is my daughter permitted to write a letter to Promise and her school class? Where should we address the letter?

    Many thanks.

  • annmcc

    Can your daughter send an email to ugandalodge@yahoo.co.uk that can be printed out and read to the whole class? ordinary mail takes forever to get out there and sometimes it never arrives.
    If they are very small files she could also attach a photo and perhaps a drawing – the internet is very slow and collected via a dongle. Soon we hope to get an interactive website up and running, Ann

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