503_Moreen Ashemera

Moreen is not currently attending our School

4 comments to 503_Moreen Ashemera

  • Eve Whalley

    Hello,I would love to sponsor Moreen Ashemera if it is still possible?

    Many thanks,Eve

  • annmcc

    Hello Eve Moreen has not returned to school this term so I have saved 667 Bonicia for you to sponsor Ann

  • Jess

    Can Moreen no longer be sponsered??

  • annmcc

    Hi Jess,
    Moreen started coming to our school last year but it seems she is not currently attending so that is why her category has been changed. We keep their school number and photo on file so that they will definitely be allowed to return at any time. – maybe she was staying in the village grandparents or she may of gone to the local church school for a while. All sponsorship money does go into one pot that helps pay the school expenses, so you can have a certificate with Moreen’s name on it if you wish or better please do choose a child who is in the “Looking for a Sponsor” category Thankyou Ann

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