544_Henry Aijuka

544 Henry P3

Henry was born on 27/6/05 and he is in P4

He is now sponsored by Jan Head.

5 comments to 544_Henry Aijuka

  • Jan Head

    I would be proud to sponsor Henry Aijuka please if he is still available.

  • annmcc

    You will be most welcome and its much appreciated. You should already have received an application form with our bank details so please just go ahead and make your payment of £5 per month Many Thanks Ann McCarthy

  • Jan Head

    Hi Ann, my first lot of funding was with you several days ago along with some for 129, Linet Enshaba, (or is it Enshaba Linet?) whose is already showing. I guess it’s just taking a bit longer for Henry especially with all the children you are welcoming to the school? I am very pleased to be helping.

  • annmcc

    Apologies his category is now changed

  • Jan Head

    Not a problem Ann. There was no rush. Many thanks.


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