728 Howard Baby

Howard is in Middle Class and he is looking for a new sponsor He was born on 27/11/11

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  • Hi I would also like to sponsor Howard if Ritah is unavailable to sponsor Kind regards Kizzy

  • mandy murdoch

    I am enquiring about sponsoring Howard, please can you provide me with some more information on the charity etc and how my sponsorship would help Howard

  • annmcc

    Hello Mandy, Thankyou for asking about sponsoring Howard I have saved him for you so no-one else will choose him. All sponsorship money that we collect is sent through our small UK charity ‘Uganda Lodge Community Projects’ and is sent directly to the school each month through a registered Ugandan NGO called Stand on Your Own. Once we accept a child at our school we treat them all the same and we do not specifically tell a child if they are sponsored or not. All except a few special cases are asked to pay a nominal fee each term (£4) so they don’t come to rely too heavily on western donations. The sponsorship money helps pay teachers salaries, purchase text books and gives every child a free mug of porridge each day. You can see past updates in my newsetters on http://www.ruhanga.com (bottom left corner) I will email you an application form

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