820_Nelson Kasiiqire

820_Nelson P1 -8193

Nelson Kasiiqire was born on 23/6/08 and is in P2

He is now sponsored by Jane Wright

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  • Jane Wright


    Can you tell me about Nelson please?

  • annmcc

    Hi Jane I have sent you an email and more about supporting children at our school I am now saving Nelson for you to sponsor. He has completed two years at our school and will probably go up into Primary 3 class when they start the new school year in early February

  • Jane Wright

    Thanks for the reply. I have completed the form which I will email back later today and I have set up the standing order. Please keep me informed about your work and about Nelson when possible. Thanks.

  • annmcc

    Many Thanks – you can see my past newsletters on http://www.ruhanga.com and will put you on list for the next one Ann

  • Jane Wright

    Thank you Ann.

  • Jane Wright

    Hi Ann,

    Will I receive a sponshorship certificate soon?



  • annmcc

    Hello We have seen your first payment – may thanks – & my colleague Jan is just getting out the first January certificates – but please also check your junkmail Regards Ann

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