874_Ronas Kamugisha

874_Ronas Kmagisha Baby - 9478

Ronas Kamugisha is a girl in Baby Class she was born 10/12/13 and is looking for a new sponsor.

2 comments to 874_Ronas Kamugisha

  • Katie

    How can I set up monthly sponsorship for this child?

  • annmcc

    Hello Katie, I have saved Ronas for you. Please set a monthly standing order for Ronason Barclays Uganda Lodge Account 20-90-56 Account 53252094 and add Ronas’s school number 874 as the reference. Its a minimum of £3.50p per month although we are now asking if you are able to make it £5 – it will really help us admit all the children who are asking to attend our school. I will also send you an application form by email so look out for it in your Junk mail She is so cute 🙂 Thankyou

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