884_Cynthia Abaho

884_Cynthia Abaho Baby 9490

Cynthia Abaho is in baby Class She was born on 1/8/12 and is now sponsored by Cynthia Richards

4 comments to 884_Cynthia Abaho

  • Cynthia Richards

    Hi please could I sponsor Cynthia.

  • annmcc

    Hello I am saving Cynthia for you and have emailed an application form Please let us know if you wish to pay monthly or £42 for the year Thankyou Ann

  • Cynthia Richards

    Hi Ann,

    I currently sponsor 3 other children so shall I amend my standing order from £10.50 to £14 a month.
    Regards Cynthia

  • annmcc

    Hi Cynthia
    That would be great, thank you for your support. Janet

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