988_Brave Natumbasa

988 Brave P1 2699

Brave Natumbasa was born on 01/07/10 and is in P1. She is looking for a sponsor

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  • Fabiana Cadoni

    Hi, is this young lady still looking for a sponsor? Thank you

  • annmcc

    Hello Fabiana, Brave is now saved for you to sponsor and waiting for your sponsorship payment to come through. I have sent an email to you with an attached form to fill in and email back to me. If you don’t see it please look in your Junk Mail.
    Many Thanks Ann McCarthy

  • annmcc

    Dear Fabiana
    We are still saving Brave for you to sponsor. If you are having a problem with the banks you can make your payment with your ATM card here to sponsor her here at https://mydonate.bt.com/donation/start.html?charity=73890
    Its just £5 each month or £60 for the year Many Thanks Ann

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