1008_Adella Akashaba

1008 Adella P5 2376

Adella Akashaba was born on 17/03/03 and is in P5.  She is looking for a sponsor.

995_Josephat Aijuka

995 Josephat Mid 2297

Josephat Aijuka is a boy and is in  Middle class. He is hoping Kirsty Forsyth will sponsor him

925_Timothy Atwyutare

925_Timothy Atwijukire1433

Timothy is in Baby Class and is hoping Rhys Elms will sponsor him

870_Soloman Mwine

870_Soloman baby 8264

Soloman Mwine is a boy in Baby Class and is hoping to be sponsored by Victoria Moss

867_Shimon Ahumuza

867_Shimon Ahumuza -8294

Shimon Ahumuza is a boy in Baby Class He was born on 08/08/12 and is saved for Sarah to Sponsor

780_Amos Tuhumwire

780 Amos P1

Amos is in P2 class and was born on 3/12/09 He is now hoping to be sponsored by Romilly


657 Blessing Top

Blessing is in Top Class and he is saved for  Carmina Martinez

636_Clinton Ankunda

636 Clinton Middle

Clinton is in Middle Class born 17/10/09 and he is sponsored by Dawn Nixon for the children of Chase Side School in Enfield.

614_Ignitious Atwine

614 Ignatuis Middle

Ignitious is a boy in Top class born on 03/04/09 and is waiting for  Carmina Martinez

593_Kennedy Bamwesigye

593_Bamweisgy Kennedy - P4 -

From Ruhanga Development School

Kennedy is in P4 class and he is now sponsored by Manfred Schmid from Germany



This little girl born 7/8/06. She now in P3 and is hoping to be sponsored by Hanna Salazar Velez