1078_Shelina Akatwijuka

1078_Shelina Mid 5508

Shelina was born on 6.4/12 and she is in Middle Class. She hoping to be sponsored by Katrina Miller

1076 Adellel Aineamani

1076_Adellel Baby 5123

Adellel  was born on 9/1/14 and is in Baby Class. She is hoping to be sponsored by Marcelina Jakubowska

1028_Jamirah Abimanya


Jamirah Abimanya was born on  09/05/14 and is in  Middle class. She hoping to be sponsored by Sima Khan.

988_Brave Natumbasa

988 Brave P1 2699

Brave Natumbasa was born on 01/07/10 and is in P1. She is hoping to be sponsored by Fabiana Cadoni.

953_ Brighton Amutuharaize

953 Brighton P5 2372

Brighton was born on 19/04/04 and is in P5. He is hoping to be sponsored by. Hussain Ahmed

868_Smith Turyahabwe

868_Smith Baby 8267

Smith is a Middle in Baby Class and was born on 28/3/13. He is hoping to be sponsored by Pascale Greene.

654_John Baptist

654 John Baptist P3

John Baptist is in P4 Class and he is now sponsored by Joseph Allen of Prevail Online


653 Vincent Top

Vincent is in P1 Class and he  was born on 30/8/08  He is hoping to be sponsored by Mike Kelly.


72 Joshua P1

He was born on 16/11/07 and is in P4 Class   Joshua is hoping to be  sponsored by Suzie Flynn.