1252_Prisca Nagasha

Prisca was born on 8/6/11 and she is in Middle Class. She is hoping to be sponsored by Emily Vint

1216_ Soloman Asingwire

Soloman is a boy in Baby Class born on 7/11/14. He is waiting for payment from Karl

1215_Tinah Keitesa

Tinah is a girl in Baby Class and was born on 11/2/14 She is hoping to be sponsored by Karl Fisher

1214_Louisa Ainemukama

Louisa is in Baby Class and was born on 20/8/14. She is saved for Sam Webster to sponsor

1194 Abel Akanyihayo

Abel was born on 11/11/12 and is in Middle Class. He is hoping to be sponsored by Julie Kennedy.

1163 Immaculate Jackline

Immaculate is in P2 and she is hoping to be sponsored by Isabell Gee



1107 Praise Katushabe

Praise is in P6.

1106 Shakirah Asiimwe

1105 Junior Mukamaruho

Junior is in P6.

1104 Ronah Kyarikunda

Ronah is in P6

1103 Aishah Nassimbwa

Aishah is in P6

1102 Cleverce Akatukwasa

Cleverce is in P6

1101 Lord Karuhanga

Lord is in P6

1100 Patricia Nabimanya

Patricia is in P6

1099 John Kakuru

John is in P6

1098 Edinavence Atwongire

Edinavence is in P6

1097 Nancy Atwongre

Nancy is in P6

1096 Angel Asiimwe

Angel is in P6

1095 Miria Katushabe

Miria is in P7

1094 Mercy Ainembabazi

Mercy is in P7

1093 Apophia Kirungi

Apophia is in P7.

1092 Pamellah Ainembabazi

Pamellah is in P7.

1091 Justus Muhanguzi

Justus is in P7.

1090 Diana Oyesigye

Diana is in P7.

1089_Nicholas Kakuru

This boy is in P7

1081_Trust Arinanya

Trust was born on 2/2/14 and she is in Middle Class

She is already sponsored

1078_Shelina Akatwijuka

Shelina was born on 6.4/12 and she is in Middle Class. She hoping to be sponsored by Katrina Miller

1076 Adellel Aineamani

Adellel  was born on 9/1/14 and is in Baby Class. She is hoping to be sponsored by Marcelina Jakubowska

1075 Disan Nahamya

Disan was born on 13/8/12  and is in Top Class. He is  now sponsored by Duygu Doherty




1028_Jamirah Abimanya

Jamirah Abimanya was born on  09/05/14 and is in  Middle class. She hoping to be sponsored by Sima Khan.

1002_Trevah Tusingwire

Trevor was born on 14/12/13 and is in P1 Class and is sponsored by Lyn Freeman for her mum Margaret.

953_ Brighton Amutuharaize

Brighton was born on 19/04/04 and is in P5. He is hoping to be sponsored by. Hussain Ahmed

936_Pracious Abaasa

Pracious is in Baby class. She is now sponsored by St Marks Rainbows in Cubbington Warwickshire

927_Olivia Aimenbabbazi


Olivia is in Middle Class  She is now sponsored by Nicholas Joyce

916_Regan Mugumya

916_Regan Mugumya is a boy in P5 Class and he is now sponsored by Nicholas Joyce

913_Abraham Nkamushaba

Abraham Nkamushaba is 7 years old and he is in P2  He is  sponsored by Grade 2a of German International School in  New York

898_Moreen Tushemerwe

Moreen Tushemerwe is in P4 and is now sponsored by Nicholas Joyce

894_Honest Besigye

Honest Besigye is a baby boy born on 12/12/12 He is now sponsored by Steve Vranic for Emma Fitzpatrick.

890_Arnold Tindinwebwa

Arnold Tindinwebwa is in Baby Class and is now sponsored by Vincent Went and his Grandaughter.

788 Julian Kansiime

Julian is a girl and is in P4 class and was  born on 15/6/03  She is now sponsored by Julie Mayes



Shinah is in Middle Class and  she is now sponsored by Deepika Rahman.

She was born on 23rd September 2011



Kennedy is in P3 Class and he is now sponsored by Lynne Stephen

He was born on 15th December 2005


Blessing is in Top Class and he is sponsored by Carmina Martinez


Elia is in P2 Class and he  was born 9/2/08. He is now sponsored by Julie Mayes

654_John Baptist

John Baptist is in P4 Class and he is now sponsored by Joseph Allen of Prevail Online

615_Louis Ainmatisiko

Louis is a boy in Primary 1 Class and he was born on 3/1/11. He  is sponsored by Sam Webster.

511_Calvin Isabirye

Calvin is in P2 Class and he was born on 8/2/08. Martin Wallis is Calvin’s friend and sponsor.

491_Shallon Akankwasa

Shallon was born in 2003 and is in Class P6. She is now sponsored by Katie Monaghan

490_Chrispus Ainomujuni

Chrispus was born in 2004 and he is in P6 Class. He is now sponsored by Katie Monaghan

390_Tumwesigye Akamumpa

Tumwesigye is in the P1 class and he is now sponsored by Carol Agar.

389_Confidence Akampwera (Annetah)

Confidence (Annetah) was born 12th February 2008. She is in P4 class and is now sponsored by Bethany Barrett.

307_Bless Nkwine

Ruhanga Development School

Bless is a boy born on 2/8/00 and he is sponsored by Bernard McDonald – a tenant at Hastoe Housing

222_Savior Natukunda

Savior is a Girl and was born on 15/08/03 and she is in P5. She is sponsored by Jamie Haywood.


Enshaba LINET is a girl born on 06/04/04.  She is in P4 and now being sponsored by Jan Head.


He was born on 16/11/07 and is in P4 Class   Joshua is hoping to be  sponsored by Suzie Flynn.


Enoch is in P4 and was born on 6/7/05. He is  sponsored by Suzie Flynn