1072_Patience Akanshemeza

1072 Patience Akanshemeza 3633

Patience is in Baby Class and was born on 20/7/13 She is saved for Sue Patten to sponsor

1061_Blessed Arinda

1061 Blessed Arinda Baby 3212

Blessed was born on 3/10/15 and is in Baby Class. She is hoping to be sponsored by Thereza McNamara

1059_Timothy Turyahabwe

1059 Timothy Baby 3166





Timothy is a boy born on 2/3/14 and he is in Baby Class.

He is hoping to be sponsored by Tina Bannister and Ian Parkinson

939_Andrew (Justice) Alinda

939 Andrew (Justice) P3 2074

Andrew was born on 16/3/06 and is in P3. He is lhoping to be sponsored by Leo Holmes

895_Blessed Ashaba

895_Blessed Ashaba Baby -9534

Blessed Ashaba is in Baby Class She is now sponsored by Pat Rathbone

894_Honest Besigye

894_Honest Tumwesigye Baby -9570

Honest Besigye is a baby boy born on 12/12/12 He is now sponsored by Emma Fitzpatrick.

892_Ashay Ashaba

892_Ashay Ashaba Baby9523

Ashay Ashaba is in Baby Class and she was born on 16/6/13  She is now sponsored by Hannah MacFarlaine

891_Blessing Ariho

891_Blessing Ariho P1 -9515

Blessing Ariho is a boy who is in P1 Class born 25/10/08 He is now sponsored by Libby Costa

889_Derick Ainembabazi

889_Derick Ainembabazi P5 9639

Derick Ainembabazi is in P5 Class and he is now sponsored by Pat Rathbone

841_Surprise Kyansiima

841_Surprise P2 8224-

Surprise Kyansiima is a girl who is in P 2 and was born on 30/6/08 She is now sponsored by Miss Emily Crouch (and her Grandma Vanessa Head)

825_Cosmos Ampipiire

825_Cosmos Ampiire Top  8202

Cosmos Ampipiire is a boy who was born on 17/6/10 and he is in Top Class. He is sponsored by Jo Bivens on behalf of Mr Sensational Sherington.

819_Gift Ntegyerize

819_Gift P2 8190

819_Gift Ntegyerize was born in 2007. She is in P2 and is now sponsored by Ernst Lim

807_Adella Akatwijuka

807_Adella Baby -8181

Adella Akatwijuka is a girl in baby class who was born on5/2/12  She is now sponsored by Hannah MacFarlane.

793 Lucky Ainembabazi

793 Lucky (G) Baby

Lucky is a girl and is in Top class, she is  sponsored by Alan Hepworth.

792 Swaleh Kato

792 Swaleh (B) P3

Swaleh is a boy and is in P4 class. He was born on 10/3/04 and is now sponsored by Ernst Lim.

790 Janat Nyamwyta

790 Janat (G) P1

Janat is a girl and is in P3 class. Born on 6/4/08 She is for a sponsored by Alan Hepworth.


742 Bright P4

Bright is in P4 Class and he was born on 22nd June 200.  He is now sponsored by the children from Kemball School.

567_Cosilatah Owembabazi

567 Cosilanta P5

Cosilatah was born on 20th June 2000 and she is waiting for Juliette Sukoco to renew her sponsorship

223_Wycliffe Sunday

223 Sunday P2

Wycliffe Sunday is a boy born on 15/8/04 and he is in class P4. He is sponsored by Alan Hepworth .